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Organising your sales activity calendar may not be that easy.

As you start a new month comes the chance to catch up with your yearly sales goals and explore other opportunities you can further take to reach those goals at the end of the year. Part of your action plan should be effectively organising your sales activity calendar to plot your every move and track your monthly performance.

Watch this video and learn how to get started with a winning sales activity calendar that will set you towards achieving your sales goals.


Rebecca Wiles

Lead Trainer, Mentor and Coach of The Training Establishment

Rebecca WilesRebecca is the Director, Coach, Mentor and Lead Trainer of The Training Establishment Pty Ltd. She has over 25 years experience in the Hospitality, Travel & Tourism industry, Rebecca is an expert in creating dynamic leaders, specialising (but not limited to) Sales & Marketing. Her passion for imparting knowledge, cultivating great teams by educating and nurturing great talent with her own unique style of panache, fun and finesse. Rebecca believes, everyone in your company is a salesperson, no matter what your job title is.