Brisbane Based Trainer/Coach

Are you ready to think outside the box? Is your sales team ready to reach new heights?

Carolyn Bradley
is a dynamic facilitator and trainer with a rich background in business development, customer experience and innovation.

With a warm, engaging and entertaining presentation style, Carolyn will quickly build rapport with your sales teams while respectfully sharing new concepts and guiding them to think differently.

Carolyn will take your sales teams on a journey through the artful use of storytelling, interactive audience participation, role-playing and a good dash of humour.

With more than 20 years’ experience in multiple industries across the globe, Carolyn brings our training concepts to life by providing practical and memorable real-world insights that will help power your sales teams to future success.

Having dedicated her career to helping individuals and teams implement new ideas that create value, Carolyn now looks forward to helping you and your sales teams reach new heights.


Sports and entertainment

Legal, Public Sector, Public Safety

Financial services, Energy, Mining Oil & Gas

Management consulting & Qualified Coach


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