Head Trainer | Hospitality, Training and Programme Development Specialist | Everything DiSC® Accredited

Irene has spent the last 10 years working as a Training and Programme Development Specialist in Asia. When she was based in Singapore, her work also took her to China – principally Shanghai and Hong Kong. Programme delivery also meant deployment to Malaysia for short periods as well as a 2-year stint in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Her work focused primarily on developing and delivering programmes for themes such as leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence, presentation skills and coaching. In this role, she has trained with groups numbering from 2 to 500 and over these years has trained several thousand people across 6 different countries.

This has resulted in Irene having to cultivate cultural sensitivities and being highly adaptable.

Prior to this Irene established careers in advertising and marketing followed by a focus on the performance arena which saw her placed across the performance spectrum. This resulted in credits for film, television, radio and theatre and brought about extensive involvement with corporate activities such as training senior management in presentation skills, staff management and meeting facilitation through the medium of role play.

In addition to the above, Irene co-founded Our Planet Enterprises (OPE), an environmental education theatre company. Performing mostly to school children, since its inception in 1999, OPE has played to over 1 million people and continues to reach an estimated 150,000 people per year.  Government contracts with departments such as the Department of Education, The Federal Greenhouse Office and the Office of Sustainability and Development made up the core of OPE’s business.

Irene’s combined theatrical and corporate experiences have culminated in a highly proficient professional who has designed training programmes, educational performance programmes and resources from concept to delivery.  Her qualifications include:

  • Bachelor of Business (Marketing) – Monash University
  • Advanced Diploma in Acting – National Theatre Drama School
  • Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (TAE40110) – Fortress Learning)

Irene is also an Everything DiSC® Accredited Facilitator who is highly-trained to deliver Everything DiSC® Profile Assessments to help teams in the workplace work harmoniously and efficiently.


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