Executive development is a critical aspect of all organisations and often one that is most overlooked.

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Developing yourself or your team takes more than a training programme. Taking a one-on-one confidential approach of a series of conversations or a small group of same level managers within your company, will give guidance in matters of your department and the organisation, career path within the company or helping to overcome business or personal issues where another perspective and guidance can help to move departments forward or personally move forward within the organisation or department.

Perhaps you’re looking for change, a different perspective or have important goals to reach. Executive development focuses on helping individuals go from where they are, to where they want themselves and their company to be.

Executive Development packages start from a 90 minute session to multiple regular 60 or 90 minute sessions. Pricing plans are available, just ask.

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“Hi. My name’s Sean. I’m a Marketing Manager and I just wanted to say a big thank you to Rebecca Wiles for her professional development and training.

We had a session a few weeks ago and she was huge help. I’ve got a definite idea of where I want my career to go and the aspirations that I’ve got and she just helped me plot out some simple steps to achieve my end goal and that’s really what I was after to have someone to help me understand what needed to be placed to get to where I feel my career should be.

So anyone who’s looking for someone to get a professional mentor or professional development, I highly recommend Rebecca Wiles… and Rebecca, I’m looking forward to our next session.”

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“Hi. My name is Jan and I’m the owner of The Beet Retreat.

Bec Wiles came into my life probably about mid last year [2017] and she recognised in me that while she loved my business and what I do here and recognised my passion for it, she also understood how stressed I was and how truthfully out of my depth I was on the business side of things and particularly systemising the website.

I was one of those people that was forever “type,type,type.” I run this place on my own and I have a 20-acre property here as you can see some of it behind me and you know animals, I run cooking classes, I have two rooms in the B&B and things get quite hectic.

Often after I do meals for guests, it’s late at night, I clean up and I have to go upstairs and respond to emails. I do gift vouchers all sorts of things and it was taking its toll on me and Bec recognised that and took me in hand so to speak and said that she could assist with those things and she certainly did.

She sort of dragged me kicking and screaming into the 21st century I suppose but it’s been absolutely wonderful and you know unfailingly positive, unfailingly optimistic even when I get a bit slack about doing the tasks that she sets me to do for my input into what she’s doing. It’s just been what can I say, MAGNIFICENT, like magnificent. It has changed my life, it has changed the way I do business, it has changed even by own outlook of my business because of all a sudden I feel like I’m a legitimate business because people can go on. They can look at my calendar, they can book themselves. They don’t have to be emailing me back and forth. They can download vouchers. So many systems she’s put in place and so much content that she suggested to me like you know meeting the rescue animals here and describing their stories and just bringing a lot more personality to the web page so I don’t want to go on and on though I could and I do to a lot of people because she’s just a wonder like she’s so professional yet she’s so warm and engaging and she actually I don’t know if I can swear. She actually no, I’m not gonna swear. She gives a damn you know. She really does give a damn about our business so I can’t recommend her highly enough so yeah, you know she’s just set these things in place so yeah I can be the best version of me within this business and grow. Her mentoring is just second to none like seriously so if you’re considering, if you’re looking around for someone to mentor you through within your business and to assist with this sort of thing, I can’t recommend The Training Establishment here highly enough.”

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“Hi guys! Well, 12 months ago, I was working for one of Australia’s airlines out at Melbourne Airport. It was shift work. It was bloody hard work, to be honest. The alarm clock would quite often go off at 2:00 a.m. and it left me tired and grumpy and my kids and my husband certainly weren’t seeing the bright, cheery self that I usually am and to be perfectly honest, the wheels were starting to fall off our family life quicker than you could actually shout for help. So, I was also actually running at the time a little side hustle called Rodan and Fields which is a skincare business. It was making money but it wasn’t doing as well as it shouldn’t could be doing because to be quite honest my heart wasn’t in it and I was too tired to even think about it at the end of the day, so I reached out to my good friend Rebecca Wiles and asked for help.

I knew I wanted to get back on track both personally and professionally and really get sync start to sink my teeth back into doing something for myself. Rebecca caught up with me and we had a quick half-hour session just sort of nothing out there. Well, who is Rodan and Fields, what do I want to achieve and before I knew it I was on my way to actually trying to get back on track.

The first four sessions were talking content plan so my content marketing strategy – who was I talking to, when I talked about the skincare of Rodan and Fields, what content did I put up, did I make videos on, did I post on social media, did I talk about. It was really really overwhelming because to be quite honest, I actually didn’t even know where to start so thankfully Rebecca was at hand to give me pointers and point me in the right direction and before you knew it I was off and running.

The second four sessions were really about keeping me accountable and mentoring me and giving me some small achievable very achievable and manageable goals. It was about the seventh session I think that the scary word of resignation popped up and Rebecca basically quite honestly came out and said “Well, which direction do you want to go? Would you want to go the Rodan and Fields direction or do you want to stay where you are and remain tired and grumpy and do you want to take the leap of faith financially and obviously emotionally or you want to stay in your comfort zone and possibly be like that for the next 12 18 24 however many months?” So, I took the leap of faith and literally three days I think after my seventh session I resigned and thought, “Right. Okay. Got my ducks in the row,” so that when I actually did sink my teeth back into Rodan and Fields full time, it was seriously going to hit the ground running and that’s what I did.

I took the Christmas New Year period off enjoyed some summer quality time with the kids in the family and then started going at it hammer and tongs and can I say the last two months with Rodan and Fields with my business has been the best ever so when I actually caught up with Rebecca on our 8th session, I could proudly say tick tick tick tick done all of those things that we set out to accomplish and now looking forward to the next 12 months and looking to see how we can make this Rodan and Fields business not only professionally really rewarding but also personally really rewarding and again not just for me but for my beautiful family so thank you so much to Rebecca. I can highly highly recommend you whether you’ve got a business whether you’re actually working for someone or whether you just want to set yourself some personal goals, it does not matter Rebecca is literally a phone call or message away at any time to really keep you on track and keep you accountable so I highly recommend Rebecca and her team and if anyone’s got any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me either.

Thanks guys! Bye!

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“Coaching was something I knew I had to engage in to extend myself professionally. I was a young leader and I knew I needed to develop skills that helped me to not only build capacity in people around me, but also in myself. I needed to work on “my brand”-what makes me. I wanted to ground myself with the communication, planning and leadership skills I needed to evoke change and do it with passion, dignity and courage. Working with Bec and the EstablishingYOU team surpassed my expectations.

Bec challenged me to think strategically about what I wanted for myself as a leader. She challenged me to question and analyse my everyday behaviours. Through a coaching and mentoring model, we unpacked who I was and what I was actually putting out there. There were a few quick wins along the way and other things I had to work really hard at. As a result of this, I learnt how to analyse the leadership behaviours of others and their motivations and act accordingly to build their capacity.

Bec’s coaching style was the perfect fit for me. She was dynamic in her communication, but let me drive my sessions, with a focus on what I wanted to achieve. Each session started off in one direction, and ended in another, achieving my goal. It is my absolute honour to recommend Bec and the EstablishingYOU team to anyone who is looking at extending themselves EstablishingYOU has you at the core of their business. For me, EstablishingYOU is just the beginning…”





A 60-minute session where the idea is to cover as much top-line information as possible in a short period of time. This is usually used for ‘top up’ sessions where we have already been engaged in development for a while and you’re wanting to re-focus, re-align your strategies or simply get a check of where you are. At the end of this session, you will get a report of discussion points, ideas for you to implement and other information discussed at your meeting. Vouchers are not available to be used for this option. It is advantageous for you to have a recent (within 6 months) DiSC Workplace Profile before the first session begins, if you don’t have a recent one, we can arrange one for you at AU$100 + GST.

Prices start at AU$500 + GST.



60-minute sessions every three weeks for a minimum of four sessions. The focus is to identify and prioritise developmental issues and goals with an action plan. We will work together to develop a plan, case studies, goals or focus areas aligning with your personal development or organisation goals. Vouchers are available to be used for this option. A recent (within 6 months) DiSC Workplace Profile must be presented before the first session begins, if you don’t have a recent one, we can arrange one for you at AU$100 + GST.

Prices start from
AU$1800 + GST for 4 hours.



Rebecca prides herself on her vast experience and expertise in several fields where she has successfully brought fresh points that help generations understand processes and achieve outcomes for the business. This option is used as a follow-up service from the Executive Development One-On-One session.

Prices drop to AU$1500 + GST for 4 hours prepaid blocks.


Bec’s Executive Coaching Session is amazing opportunity for one to take a good look of oneself, inside out his / her career. Under Bec’s  guidance, one can understand what level is  his / her career is currently at, what issues or opportunities are out presented out there. Bec is really resourceful and is able ot give you tips, advice and suggestions.

Dicky Chan

Sales Professional – China

Fantastic one to one session with Bec, it was both engaging and enlightening. The opportunity to structure the session around my requirements, ensured time was spent effectively. Motivated by Bec’s infectious energy and business insight, I am now armed with the right tools for success!

Eagerly await our next session.

Rebecca Robinson

National Operations Manager – Australia

I had a 1 hour session with Rebecca which was gifted to me by a family member. It was definitely the best 1 hour of development I have had in a long time talking about business goals and employment opportunities.

Rebecca guided me in the right direction with her knowledge and experience and I know that I am now one step closer to achieving my goals.

Thank you Bec!

Alper Erbasan

Entrepreneur – Australia


Why not chat to Rebecca to see if her mentorship will help you too. Are you starting your own business,
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