Everyone always asks me about great tips on Networking, so I’d like to share with you my 12 rules for Newbie Networkers.

  1. State your name clearly – you have one chance to get your name right. If you have a difficult name for people to hear, or pronounce, rehearse saying it as clearly as possible.
  1. Always stand when being introduced – if you’re being introduced to someone, use common (and professional) courtesy to stand and shake the persons hand. Remember, first impressions are lasting impressions.
  1. It’s not nice to point – pointing & over-gesticulating can be uncomfortable. In some cultures, they gesture with their thumb or talk you through where you should be looking instead of pointing with your index finger.
  1. Watch your language – the world has become more casual about swearing, in business, there’s one simple rule – don’t go there.
  1. Keep your stories clean – sure, you might get a quick laugh, chances are, the clients are not laughing with you!
  1. Handshake, don’t fist bump – if you don’t know how to deliver a proper handshake, find someone who can teach you how. Offering a fist bump is unprofessional and doesn’t leave a great impression, no matter who you’re delivering it to.
  1. Don’t interrupt – if others are deep in conversation, don’t interrupt their train of thought or their conversation. Walk up to them and wait for a natural break in the conversation.
  1. Be interesting and brief – just because you like hearing your stories doesn’t mean others do too! Keep your information on point and on topic.
  1. Keep your phone in your pocket – be in the moment, and be interested in those around you. If you think you’ve done all the networking you can do, leave the event or move to another area to meet new people. The absolute height of rudeness is to bring out your device.
  1. Look people in the eye and smile – be genuine.
  1. If you forget a person’s name or don’t understand what someone is talking about – ask.
  1. Follow up within two days – anyone worthy of your time is also worthy of your expediency.

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