We generate tailor-fit training programmes to address your team's needs.

In 2021, training is a key component of every successful sales team. Unlike the standard “one-size-fits-all” sales training packages that are on offer, The Training Establishment evaluates what your sales team needs through a series of initial consultations and crafts a tailor-fit training solution that identifies and addresses your team’s strengths and need areas.

Our track record spans over 30 years in sales, customer service, building great teams and next-generation leaders. Because of this, we’ve developed ready-made training programmes that teams from different industries have benefit from.

We specialise in Hospitality, Travel & Tourism industries offering training in sales, customer management & the entire Everything DiSC suite of profiles.

Below are some of the training packages we offer, and build your own programmes from:


But not limited to:



Technically, you’re not a “salesperson”, you’re not employed to be a salesperson, your job description doesn’t say salesperson, but everyone is a salesperson and you have a role to play in your company’s sales process.


We’ve always believed, everyone is a sales person. Everyone within the company, in one way or another, contribute to the selling and buying process. In this course, we aim to guide your team to help in exceeding your sales goals and how to position themselves in your sales process.


When it comes to drumming up new business, your first challenge as a salesperson will be to reach the right individuals following a tested sales process that’s guaranteed to gain loyal and high-value customers.



Business from existing customers is the easiest way to exceed your sales goals. Well-trained salespeople know the art of this. Your team need to change their ways of thinking, to include the customer in the journey, they need to adapt to their customers’ needs.



Generating leads is one thing, but learning a win:win negotiation process is another story. Your sales team will be guided with the right principles and business etiquette to gear them of the offer on the table.


A great salesperson knows how to align themselves with their customers. Businesses enter in on partnership agreements everyday. The most difficult part of creating a partnership is how to execute it. We guide the participants to have new ideas and a comprehensive plan for generating more revenue from your chosen account with a reliable process to use with all of your appropriate accounts.


Etiquette is scarce nowadays with salespeople ignoring it placing the blame on modern culture. What businesses fail to realise is it doesn’t matter what product you’re selling or manufacturing, your sales team must understand the importance of etiquette in the workplace, not only in front of their colleagues but most importantly to your customers.


Brand loyalty has been put to the test during hard times. Changes in consumer behaviour and spending during the downturn made it essential for marketers and salespeople to alter their strategies in order to retain customers who might otherwise defect to a cheaper competitor. Having your sales team understand this power will help them to drive a greater partnership and return from your customers.


Businesses spend big money to position themselves in the market as a reputable brand. For you to retain your branding, it is crucial that your sales team understands your brand and is fully integrated and aligned with the company’s core values and branding statements.

Everything DiSC®

DiSC® Personality Assessment has helped thousands of teams develop their working relationships to effectively harness the best results for the business. We have DiSC®-accredited trainers to provide all training sessions and profiles empowered by DiSC program. Understand yourself and your team to drive the results for your business. See what DiSC® packages we offer here.

eLearning Solutions

Trainings can be done anywhere, anytime with our eLearning and Digital Learning solutions. We understand the value of providing a set of learning solutions that your business can share across all departments and can be accessed anytime. Let us know what specific topic you would like your team to learn and we can discuss further how to develop an eLearning/Digital solution for you.



This is a 1 or 2-day training programme that will help your team to reignite their passion, get them ready to get back out there to sell to your customers. We’ve paired it back offering the bare essentials but still giving you the good content for your teams while making it affordable for you while you get your business back.



Typically In a sales training, there are some who are not very participative and seems to be in a world on their own. Shaun managed to get them to sit up and listen to him. He was not only engaging, but very entertaining as well. Great sense of humor. Precise to the point.  Due to his operations background, he gives very practical advice and share his knowledge generously.

Ann Wong
Assistant Director of Sales – Singapore

Knowing her nearly 10 years, Rebecca is always having the passion to embrace all being around her with such a great sense of humor. Very much impressed with her tireless effort to pull in all trainee’s to achieve the assigned goal. Lots of laugh throughout the training but also will give you more clear direction eventually.

Yumi Shuto
Account Director – Japan

Shaun has been a joy to do training with. He is enthusiastic, dedicated and encourages participation from the attendees. When he senses that the attendants are low on energy, he gets everybody to either participate or dance in front. He is knowledgeable on the content and allows us to understand the theories & concepts better through role-plays & sharing sessions of our real-life experiences as salespeople. I can say I have learned useful skills in the training session.

Athena Abuan
Assistant Sales Manager – Singapore

I could not have asked for better than to have you as my instructor to guide to a brighter “ME”. Learning is learning but when we add a dash of fun, skill and thoughtful insights with examples – the end product that gets cooked leaves a wonderful after taste and leaves you motivated to deliver the best!

Thank you for your patience and candour communication that will only help me in my future.

Bijetri Dasgupta
Sales Manager – Corporate Sales  – India

I had a great time understanding the course, thanks to Shaun’s spontaneity in conducting the class. Shawn is very acknowledgeable and he shares a lot of tips of selling.

I hope to be part of the training more often in the future.

Cindy Ng
Sales Manager – Singapore

We spent a very enjoyable training period of 2 days and gained a lot of knowledge not just on paper but also by practicing and highly connected to our daily work.

Bec is a very nice and lovely facilitator and she gave a wonderful and complete preparing on training issues that we can successfully catch up one every important point.

Thanks to Bec and her great effort!

Sales Coordinator – China

Shaun has been very engaging during the session and impart a lot of his knowledge during the session. He is good at relating to examples and role play to ensure information being passed down correctly.

It has been a great pleasure to have Shaun as our trainer and I would love to have him as our facilitator if we do have such a session once again.

Cindy Oh
Sales Manager – Singapore

Bec is so energetic and passionate when she conducts her training. She has a very unique gift of attracting the participants’ attention whenever she facilitates. She shared with us the importance of further trainings and how we as a collaborative team could potentially energize the participants and teams in our region to participate further. Her knowledge she shared with us was remarkable where we totally enjoyed and had great fun while learning! Most importantly, when we as participants walked out of training room, we felt motivated and excited to execute our new role in our region. This is not it… Bec follows up with us to seek our progression after that. Thank you Bec for always being with us. You are no longer just a facilitator but a great friend & mentor to us! We engaged Rebecca Wiles to review our customer service processes from the ground up. Her brief was to help the customer service team with everything from answering the phone, providing meaningful quotes, proactively following up on enquiries to closing a sale. Bec designed a tailor-made suite of sessions to match our needs. She delivered 8 well-structured and well-organised sessions that targeted our company’s specific needs.

Bec’s personal training has left a lasting impression with us and your training has instilled lasting behaviours that will remain with us for a long time.

Audrey Seow
Director of Sales – Singapore


We’d love to know what specific challenges you are experiencing and give you an initial assessment of how we can help.